When their rodent infestation intensifies, a bleeding-heart vegan and her pragmatic roommate find themselves at odds concerning pest elimination methods both cruel and effective.
Written & Directed by A.K. Espada
Cinematography by Alexandra Bock
Produced by Anthony Nicolau
Starring Mor Cohen and Ruba Thérèse Mansouri
The THIS IS OUR HOME feature script was selected for the Sundance Screenwriting Intensive and for a Sundance Horror Fellowship, awarded by K Period Media.
This project is currently making its festival rounds! Please contact me to view it or to read the feature script.

Audience Award at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival
Best Horror Short at New York Independent Cinema Awards

Official Selection
MoMA "Horror: Messaging the Monstrous" Film Series
Atlanta Film Festival
Etheria Film Night
Film Maudit Los Angeles
Ax Wound Film Festival
Coven Film Festival
Boston Underground Film Festival
The Overlook Film Festival
North Bend Film Festival
Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Atlanta Horror Film Festival
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